Sam declared one of the ‘Best in the West’

Sam Houston State University is in good company as SHSU was one of 123 colleges recognized as 2007 best colleges in the Western Region by “The Princeton Review.”

Out of the 123 colleges selected for the “Best in the West,” SHSU was amongst the 21 universities located in Texas, out of the 74 public and private universities in the Lone Star State.

Out of the 21 colleges selected from Texas, SHSU is among three other universities that represent the Southland conference including the University of Texas at Arlington and Texas State University-San Marcos.

“The Princeton Review” ranks universities on the basis of surveys completed by students. Surveys consist of 80 questions and are divided into several sections including: “About Yourself,” “Your School’s Academics/Administration,” “Students” and “Life at Your School.”

An answer from a survey from an SHSU student said, “Students of Completely different backgrounds, social status, ethnicity, major and personal style manage to interact on a friendly basis every day.” describing the diversity at SHSU.

“The Princeton Review” surveys ask mostly multiple-response questions and eight open ended questions to allow students the ability to elaborate one their responses. Once surveys are completed, every college is then given a grade point average depending on the student’s surveys gauging the college experience at each university.

Helping SHSU make the “Best in the West” list was its average class size ratio of 22:1 verses bigger universities in Texas.

“Most classes are usually pretty small. The professors are great; you can really talk to them and they will help you if you have any problem with the course,” said one student in their survey response in the “Your school’s Academic/Administration” section.

The Best Western Schools category consisted of colleges in states stretching from Alaska, down to the West coast from California, Washington, Oregon, the Southwest region of Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Northwestern states of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and across the Pacific to the island of Hawaii.

Other categories are divided into the categories of best colleges in the Midwestern, Northeastern and Southeastern regions of the United States. Making the Lone Star State proud is the University of Texas making the “Princeton Review” list for top party school in the nation.

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