Audioslave masters of musical ‘revelation’

In May of 2001, ex-Soundgarden front man, Chris Cornell joined up with remnants of the classic politically driven band, Rage Against the Machine. Cornell along with Tom Morello (guitar), Tim Commerford (bass) and Brad Wilk (drums) combined to form the super group known as Audioslave. Their first release went multi-platinum. Their second release “Out of Exile,” not only went multi-platinum but debuted at number one on the Billboard charts as well. Since they began, Audioslave has had nine singles that have scored spots on eight different hit charts.

With the release of “Revelations,” Audioslave is set to “reveal” to the world that they indeed still have the “better bomb.” This release comes only out only a year after their last album and took only five weeks to work on because most of the songs had already been played live. Is it possible for Audioslave to turn out another multi-platinum and chart scorching album in a very short time span? Yes. Yes indeed.

“Revelations” is a concoction that can only be conjured by a group of mad musical scientists that go into the lab and experiment without regard for the life of their test subjects. Cornell brings the raspy melodic tone back to the front. His vocals are that of a man on a cause. He could make an acappella album just singing about his day and it would still sound like a rebellion is about to began.

Morello adds his usual out of this world guitar prowess to the album. He is truly an innovator in the art of guitar. The technical professionalism is truly brilliant and rhythm parts send me back to the Hendrix days. Every track never fails to satisfy with sometimes blazing but always amazing solos that only validate Morello as a guitar entrepreneur. When he makes his “axe” scream it is like a comet flying around the cosmos looking to strike our planetary hearts and souls with a taste from another world. In the music world there are some songs where you can tell what note comes next but he never goes where you think it should. It’s unconventional. It’s untamed. It’s genius. By the time “Revelations” is over any and every solo craving stomach is full and now reaching the point of gluttony.

The team of Commerford and Wilk work ridiculously well together as a rhythm combo should be in a band. They compliment each other every step of the way laying down funky jams but still maintaining the traits of rock music. The rhythmic drive they create is prevalent and a dependable factor on every song.

There is no sound like Audioslave. When you hear one of their songs there is no mistaking them. The singing style and musical structure is just too evident. “Revelations” is only the next level in the evolution of a band that has found their niche. The album has everything you would want or expect from a band with such a vast musical background.

Commerford and Wilk lay down the beat while Cornell explodes with strong vocals and to finish the job is a solo that gives the song its proper climax.

The beauty of “Revelations” is the evident chemistry. From their work with “Rage” Morello, Commerford and Wilk became unit that just needed Cornell to make things move again. This chemistry make the album percolate through ears to invoke the common nodding head or even the tapping foot.

Morello has surpassed his past guitar mastery and graduated to a dimension that our earthly minds cannot comprehend but just marvel in. He is wiz of astronomical proportions.

“Revelations” is more than worthy of being a multi-platinum album.

Audioslave provides the “revelation” that they are still a force to be reckoned with.

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