It’s in the GAME

The classic game that was popularized during the mid 90’s and is classified as one of the top selling video game series in North America every year brought together tournament participants on the Sam Houston State University campus.

Yesterday, the Health and Kinesiology Center in conjunction with intramural sports, held an X Box Madden NFL tournament, bringing out some of SHSU’s best Madden players.

Participants packed into the multipurpose room waiting for their chance to use their favorite playbook and run up the scoreboard on opponents.

With the addition of the dodgeball tournament last semester, and the Madden NFL tournament to the intramural sports line up, recreational sports are not just for primed athletes anymore.

“You know how it is, the college life, everybody’s playing video games and stuff. Intramurals sports wants to include everybody,” said Jarrel Woolfolk, intramural sports supervisor.

Tournaments have a maximum of four hours, but the actual games are not supposed to last more than 45 minutes. Games are played by two-minute quarters through the first round, three-minute quarters in the second round and four-minute quarters in the finals.

“It’s my first tournament, and I just wanted to see how good I was compared to everyone else. I don’t have time to play as much because of school, and work, but I play every once in awhile in my free time,” said John Marek, X Box tournament participant.

Before becoming apart of intramural sports, the Madden NFL series has been apart of video game culture since the early 90’s when the game was produced in 1991 with the release of John Madden Football ’92.

The game’s total sales are well above 51 million around the world, with most of its sales in the United States.

Intramural sports plans on holding another X box Madden tournament in the future. For more information on future tournaments or general information about rec. sports contact the intramural sports office at (936) 294-1985.

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