Ladies, put down your break-up food

Listen up ladies- this message is for you. I hear about another breakup about as often as I brush my teeth. And because our society has bred us to be the emotional sex, we are the ones to sit and cry into a pint of cookie dough ice cream while our loser exes drown their sorrows in a rum and coke without shedding a tear. (A man can’t cry at the bar, you know.)

Well ladies, step away from the spoon because its time to turn the tables! Now don’t get me wrong, we still need to let our emotions loose. Cry your eyes out, stare at his picture and cuddle up to your favorite old sweatshirt of his. But for goodness sake, go easy on the sugar- you don’t want to gain breakup weight right before you go on the prowl for your new man!

As difficult as they are to go through, breakups are in fact a good thing. Sure this guy was wonderful; he was cute, funny, smart- you cared about him for a reason. But there were also reasons that you didn’t work out. Don’t regret any time you spent with someone you cared for. Each of our relationships teaches us, changes us and makes us grow individually. Breakups are one of the surest ways of allowing yourself to find you own strength.

Especially in long relationships, we come to depend on our significant other for security, comfort, and encouragement. We can begin to identify ourselves within this other person, and even lose sight of our own individuality. Breakups force us to let go of our scapegoats and rely on ourselves- with the help of our best friends of course!

Just remember that you have prospered from your relationship, but you will grow even more by letting go of it. You deserve to find happiness with the right person, but you won’t find that until you are happy, content and strong within yourself.

So when you feel as if your world has fallen apart, pour your heart out in the comfort of your best friends, but after all your tears are dried remember that you are the one worth crying over.

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