MTV’s ‘True Life’ looking for Bearkats

Dating someone much older or much younger can be difficult and demanding, but it could also mean the opportunity to be featured on MTV.

The producers of the show “True Life” recently released a casting call for students at SHSU who may be in a relationship with a large age difference to be featured on a future episode of the popular MTV series to be aired in January 2007.

“We’re really looking for high school and college students who may be dating and experiencing a large age difference,” Julia Rukavina of MTV said. “We’ll probably shoot stuff like the college student going to visit the high school student and maybe a night they go out together or something. We’d also shoot the college student going out, like when they know the high school student can’t be there. We don’t want to stir the pot but there has to be a little bit of drama.”

According to a press release to the school, the network is seeking three couples and hopes to have the six students cast within the month.

Once the couples are chosen, each will go through a test shot. After the initial shot, Rukavina said the couples will be followed by the MTV cameras, both together and separately, for a period of four to five days.

“We won’t just be following them around with a camera all of the time,” Rukavina said. ” We’ll talk to them and ask them what they do, together and apart”

Couples cast on the show won’t receive any monetary compensation, but will receive some free meals, a T-shirt and “some MTV fame” according to Rukavina.

The “True Life” series, which first aired on MTV in 1998, is an award-winning documentary series that features the real-life stories of young people and the unusual subcultures they inhabit, according to a summary on its website.

Students who are interested should email the network with details of their story as well as contact information at

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