The White Rose’ blossoms

Hans Scholl and Alexander Schmorell are part of a group of close friends that all share the same beliefs and philosophies. They eventually become closer through their hatred towards Hitler and Nazi Germany, which leads them to befriending Christoph Probst and Willi Graf. Disliking not having word in the situation, Sophie Scholl (Hans’ younger sister) eventually joins the group at the university.

In the beginning, Hans and Alexander worked alone on the papers but soon enough the rest of the group joined in, in writing and copying leaflets of ‘Leaflets of The White Rose.’ Leaflet after leaflet the content became progressively controversial attacking the corrupt dictator. The leaflets suggested that the best way to attack the system was through passive resistance. Uncertain as to the reasoning for their actions, Hans and Sophie took a suitcase full of leaflets to the university on their day off from school and flooded the atrium minutes before classes finished.

Short of time, brother and sister rushed to safety, but noticed they still had leaflets leftover. Last minute Sophie ran to the upper level and flung the last of the leaflets in the air to sink to the floor. The police were called, doors locked, and remaining calm, Hans and Sophie were taken quickly into Gestapo custody. In the play, the head Gestapo felt softly for the group of college students but knew he must not step out of line.

James Arrington is the director of the play and feels the play is capable of teaching a lesson. “People should come see this play because it has a very good message, ” said Arrington. “The message is to stand up even if you must stand alone, and is one that applies even in today’s society.”

Steven Chambers plays Robert Mohr, a head member of the Gestapo. Chambers’ character sympathizes with Sophie and tries to help her. “I like the character even though he is a Nazi,” said Chambers. “I feel connected to the character because I know what its like to have to do something even though you know its wrong.”

Christie DeBacker plays Sophie. “My character is a very strong character,” said DeBacker. ” She will fight for what she believes in.”

“The White Rose” stepped the audience back in time when people lived in constant fear. Although, this particular group of college students did not let the fear stop them. They were determined to stand up for what they believed in and not let anyone, not even the Nazis, stand in their way. The Sam Houston State University theater department effectively presented the story with an added small sense of humor, but not taking away from the seriousness of the situation.

The actors’ performances brought the story to life. They kept the audience entertained by their jokes but had them in tears when the plot got rough. Each actor stepped into character and did not come out until well after the show had ended.

Although I cannot spill the climax of the play it is part of the show that cannot be missed. Catch the production this week, it will be running through Saturday starting at 8:00 p.m. with a matinee show Saturday. afternoon at 2:00 p.m. as well.

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