Texans searching for answers three weeks in

HOUSTON (AP) – On Monday, after yet another ugly loss, the Houston Texans were embarrassed.

The Texans have not just lost en route to their 0-3 record. They haven’t even kept a game close, getting beat by an average of 16 points.

And that number isn’t as high as it should be since Houston managed three touchdowns against Indianapolis backups in the fourth quarter of a 43-24 loss in Week 2.

“Our fans don’t deserve this. Coach (Gary) Kubiak doesn’t deserve this,” said defensive tackle Seth Payne. “It’s just unacceptable, and we deserve any criticism anybody wants to give us.”

With all the coaching and personnel changes after last year’s 2-14 record, things were supposed to be different. But instead it’s beginning to look eerily similar.

Though all the losses were bad, nothing topped Sunday’s 31-15 defeat by Washington, when the Redskins’ Mark Brunell completed an NFL-record 22 consecutive passes one week after looking ordinary in a loss to Dallas.

“We have not played well, and yesterday was the worst,” Kubiak said. “There’s got to be some drastic improvement very quickly. There’s no excuse for what happened yesterday, and there’s no reason for that to take place like that.”

Houston had three fumbles (losing one), an interception, a handful of false starts and another penalty that nullified a fumble return for a touchdown.

“We have to overcome our small mistakes,” offensive lineman Chester Pitts said. “Some teams are good enough to have 100 yards in penalties and still put up a lot of points. There are teams that can do that, but we aren’t one of them. We can’t have any kind of penalties or make mistakes.”

The Texans defense, which was supposed to be bolstered by No. 1 pick Mario Williams, is giving up a league-worst 484 yards per game, almost 100 more than next-to-last Green Bay.

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