Huntsvegas Cribs

Living as posh as a few of the celebrities on MTV’s Cribs, a few locals love the lime light as they create their homes to express their personal interests.

Four roommates from Sam Houston State University have given a whole new meaning to wall art. With an estimated 1,850 beer cans covering every possible inch of wall space, walking into their apartment makes a person wonder, “Who drank all this beer?”

“We have a lot of hangouts and gatherings here,” said senior health major Chris Gressett. “Someone is always over and we really like that.”

With more beer cans on their walls than some recycling plants ever see the urge to be unique was the main cause for the college-life decorations.

“We knew it would be something different and it gives us something to do,” said junior health major Brad Gressett. “We’ve been doing this about five months off and on and we think it probably has cost us around $1,000.”

With a Christmas tree up all year round, (and yes, the ornaments are beer cans!) students who get to hang out at this haven of alcoholic dreams remember, and sometimes don’t, all the fun times held within the aluminum covered walls.

“We hang all our beer cans up with industrial strength, double sided tape,” said junior marketing major Blane Trant. “We wanted to do something really cool and make this a sweet place to hang out.”

Each home in Huntsville has its own personal touch, but the eclectic mood of John Smithers’ could make any one feel relaxed and comfortable.

The 100 year-old apartment/ loft is located above Kings’ Kandies in downtown Huntsville where Smithers’ has remodeled his home into a suite made for the artist at heart.

“When I first bought this apartment back in the 90s, I lived here with a few other people,” said Smithers. “As time went on, I was the last person here, so I decorated it to fit my lifestyle.”

Rooms comfortably filled with gorgeous antiques, Smithers says that his love for dance has inspired him to create an open and spacious place to live.

“Since I love to dance, I wanted a home that was open and have lots of floor for me to dance around on,” said Smithers. “I used to have this place packed out with tons of art work and stuff, but then I realized the beauty in simplicity.”

Taking you back to a moment in time, bright blue curtains blow in the breeze in the living room as jazz music is played from an old record player. With different colored couches and a minimalistic view of trinkets around the room, Smithers says that every home should express each individual.

“I would say my style is a cross between antique, vintage, classic Asian style and Ikea,” Smithers said. “I try to find things of value and that will last.”

As a favorite part of his home, Smithers bought an 1830s Chinese canopy bed off eBay. Another of his favorite pieces is a dining room table that came from his great grandmothers’ house, who was also a resident of Huntsville.

While Smithers’ basks in the beauty of his home, he also says that while he restored his home he used no chemicals that were toxic.

“The key to ecology is taking care of the older buildings that already exists,” said Smithers. “I do not use harsh paints, particle board or vinyl in my buildings.”

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