A campus decked in pink

For over 15 years, the month of October has been dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer. To kick off the month, many Bearkats are seeing pink with efforts of educating women on campus about the risks of breast cancer.

With the help of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated and Zeta Tau Alpha, college-aged women all across campus are learning the importance of early detection through monthly self examinations.

“We are here to educate women on campus about breast cancer topics such as the monthly do it yourself exam,” said junior Queanna Harris, member of Zeta Phi Beta. “We are here to inform people about the educational events taking place this week.”

Through out this entire week, Zeta Phi Beta and Zeta Tau Alpha have many educational opportunities planned to reach a large number of women.

“The events this week include: Tuesday is a breast cancer walk that will walk around campus, cake and punch will be served following the walk,” said Harris. “A breast cancer seminar will be held Wednesday in the LSC Theatre at 7:20 p.m. and Thursday we will host an ice cream social with faculty in the LSC.”

While eating yogurt won’t necessarily lower your risk of breast cancer, the lids you save from the yogurt container can save the lives of many women through much needed donations.

“We are collecting monetary donations as well as the lids to the specially marked yogurt containers,” said junior Brooke Poston, member of Zeta Tau Alpha. “As each lid is a donation of $.50, through the collecting of the yogurt lids, we are raising money to donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation whose motto is “Save Lids and Save Lives.”‘

Young Survival Coalition, an international breast cancer organization who raises awareness about breast cancer says that the chance that a woman in her 20s will get breast cancer might be small, but by becoming aware about the dangers of breast cancer at a young age, women have a greater chance of early detection.

“This week we are handing out early detection shower cards,” said Sophomore Haley Heft, member of Zeta Tau Alpha. “The cards let you punch out a circle down the side of the card on a monthly basis to remind you to give yourself a check up.”

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