Austin Powers actor Michael York drops by

Many Sam Houston State University students and faculty gathered in the Killinger Auditorium Monday evening to listen to award winning actor Michael York.

Talking mainly to fellow thespians, York gave a brief, and often comic, history of art through the form of theatre.

With over 42 years of stage presentations under his belt, York came to SHSU to share his experienced in the business and inspire students who wish to have a career in acting.

“It’s great to be in Huntsville,” York said as he was followed with and eruption of laughter, “So why the wild laughter?”

York kept the crowd on the edge of their seats as he acted out stories of his experiences during his career and provided comic relief throughout the entire time.

“The church says love our enemies,” said York. “It is the play house that lets us do so.”

York said, in his opinion, the Elizabethan actor was a special one because they had no use of microphones or lights and had to keep spectators entertained all day.

“Can you imagine 3,000 spectators unwashed, can you imagine the stench?” York continued and said, “Being an actor back then was like being an inferior.”

Like a shark is to a surfer, so is a critic to a thespian. York says that a critic’s smile reminds us of a silver plate on a coffin.

“Everyone is a critic,” said York. “They are at the play every night, they see how it should be done, but yet they can’t do it themselves.”

Referring to an actor/ actress who is trying to get their start in the business, York says that nothing is guaranteed, and nothing is for sure.

“The actor waiting for employment has a Chameleon mind that aches for employment, his expressive body is wasted, patiently waiting in anticipation like a greyhound held back from racing,” said York. “All his work is prepared and he just waits.”

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