Bearkat fans cheer SHSU from LSC

Bearkats who did not make the trip to Austin still had a chance to show their orange and white pride last Saturday when SGA and Student Activities sponsored a free viewing party of the game in the LSC theatre and Kat Klub.

Approximately 75 students and other fans attended the event to show their support for the Sam Houston State University football team when they faced off against the University of Texas Longhorns.

The game was available to the general public for $29.99 on Pay-per-View but was offered to the school for free by Suddenlink

Communications for the occasion.

“I know a lot of students couldn’t make it to Austin,” said SGA President, Christopher Whitaker, who was passing out orange and white pom-poms throughout the game. “So [SGA] asked around at the beginning of the year to see what we could set up.”

According to Whitaker, the idea came from the viewing parties that were spawned from the Bearkats trip to play-offs two years ago. SGA collaborated with Student Activities and Betty Brewer from Computer Services to put the event together. Suddenlink provided the game free of charge.

“I really appreciate Suddenlink for doing that,” said Whitaker.

Students had the opportunity to learn about the viewing party from Facebook Events, the SHSU Web site and the Student Services Weekly E-mail sent out last Thursday. Students who attended the party from 6 p.m. to10 p.m. had the choice of watching the game on the big screen in the LSC Theatre or on several screens at the Kat Klub where they could have food and drinks.

Brandon Bruce, a freshman who was watching the game in the Kat Klub with a few friends said, “We play for the team. We came to show our support.”

Other attendees include freshman Daniel Moore, who was also watching at the Kat Klub. “It was the only place that was showing the game,” he said. “And I didn’t have to pay for it.”

Students were not the only ones that attended the viewing, however. Dr. Billy Harrell, a retired Ag/Mech professor at SHSU, and his wife Beverly attended with their friends Mary Lou and David Shelton. These Bearkat football fans attended to show support for the team and because they are, “definitely against the Longhorns,” said Mary Lou.

Even though the Bearkats lost the game to Texas– 56 to 3– SHSU fans still met in the LSC Theatre and Kat Klub to watch the game and show their orange and white pride.

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