Male perspective: It’s not all about sex

In this past Tuesday’s issue, there was an editorial written by Brook Landreth that talked about sex, which is always a topic that we want to hear about.

However, Ms. Landreth dropped knowledge, and said things that many people don’t want to hear. In response some people made comments like, “she’s just bitter because her boyfriend dumped her,” or “she’s just been used and is angry.”

Well, I will say that it is possible that those are reasons, but what is wrong with that? It happens every day and no one talks about it.

I wonder to myself often when sex became so free range. For some guys, all they want is sex. It’s a hobby for them; but the fact is that there are girls who want it, too. I don’t agree with people who feel this way, but everyone is entitled to their own choices.

What I would like to combat is the lack of knowledge projected on the subject. Unfortunately for students at this college and students everywhere, we have been dubbed a lost generation. I would be enraged, but how can I be mad at the truth?

The problem arises when a person who has sex a lot uses their advantage of experience to “tap” a na’ve rookie. It may seem harmless; the guy or girl got theirs and they can move on. But the truth is that some people never recover from that experience. Depending on how that girl takes it, she may be scarred for life. The effects damage a person’s mental perception of self-worth. It may take years for a woman to recover from the damage done in those 30 seconds of ‘unsavoriness,’ and because of this, it makes it harder for the girl to open up to a guy that really cares for her.

When you have sex with someone you give more than just your fluids. You give your person, your mind and even your spirit. The act of sex is the supernatural event that creates life, yet it has been demeaned to one-night stands.

Girls are not the only ones who are affected by misuse of sex. A guy that has sex all the time for years, will look up one day in his late years and wonder why things aren’t right. That man will have become desensitized to sex, and that’s not the way it should be.

I believe that sex will be much more fruitful when you wait longer. Imagine sex that is not only physically satisfying, but emotionally, spiritually and mentally satisfying as well. When the sweet “luvin” is over you don’t have to freak out looking for your Spongebob boxers so you can get out before she wakes up. You can lay there with a woman, a woman that has trusted you enough to give herself in full. You know that once you leave that bed that you will see him or her again. That tonight you guys will have dinner, and you don’t have to have sex because you just want to be with that person.

What happened to this dream? Is it too idealistic? No! Its possible, and that’s not to say that no one makes mistakes because we all do. I’ve done my share of partying and I have seen what takes place. I even admit to desiring random hook-ups. Once I got to a certain level the only thing on my mind was sex. The booze made me abandon standards, judgment, and morals. Unsavory events took place, but the grand news is that I learned from them.

I see that this issue is reciprocating process that runs like a hereditary disease. I have made the calls that Ms. Landreth spoke of, and I have seen the calls made. On the flip side I have been to parties in a sober state and witnessed the way the game goes. Once I saw what took place I questioned myself, “Is this what I am like when I’m drunk? Did I become a groping sack of hormones?”

Despite my thoughts on sex and the social lubricant, once you’ve finished reading this it’s still your choice what you do. I can’t make you not have sex a lot. I just want you to think.

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