“Bless you boys”

I told myself I wouldn’t gloat. Then again, everyone from California to New York to (gasp) Houston wrote off my beloved Tigers.

Well guess what. I was right. In your face. There, I said it. It feels nice, trust me.

Everyone’s favorite underdog just defeated the mighty New York Yankees in four games. The funny thing is, they should have done it in three.

Does this mean my triumphant return to harassing the city of Houston in The Houstonian? Maybe, but it’s more likely that I’ll have a pro-wrestling like return. You know, I come back for one match at Wrestlemania, get thrown through a flaming table, then go on my Web site and tell my devoted fans that I’m coming back for special occasions.

I love this Tiger team. It tickles me to death every time I read the e-mail threats that were given to me last year after I wrote about my deep loathing for the great city of Houston and their sports teams. Well guess what. I was right, in your face. Again.

With headlines such as “Hernalsteen Under Fire” and “Alumni Fires Back” and my personal Sam e-mail box FILLED with “I’m gonna kick your butt” threats, I was just biding my time until what I knew was going to happen, happened. And for all you freshmen that haven’t read it, just Google my name, I’m sure you’ll find it.

“I’ll be completely honest with you; I think I hate Brian Hernalsteen,” was something that was written in the school paper after my article. Also, “so the Astros lost in the World Series? At least they’re not the laughingstock of Major League Baseball,” was another one of my favorites.

Mind you, all that was written in April, just at the start of the baseball season.

Houston and their beloved Astros laughed at me as I told them that the Tigers had a better chance of making an October appearance.

Heck, even ESPN analyst Peter Gammons said, “These Tigers are a much better bunch and have the best young pitching staff in all of baseball. Do not, under any circumstances, be surprised if they challenge for a playoff spot.” Peter believed, the team believed, and most importantly, the city believed. I guess in the end, that is the most important “B.”

So with all that said, just a heads up to all you Lastros: I’m back, I’m mad, and my team does not appreciate the disrespect you showed them.

Also, nice choke job this season when you came to our house. You guys are a real class act.

Maybe I’ll let you touch my World Series championship t-shirt one day. Then again, maybe I won’t. Have fun on the golf course.

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