Student admits to $3,700 in bank fraud

The recent attempts of a student to use theft to improve his financial situation fell short of expectations last week as the University Police Department uncovered a case of fraud amidst false police reports.

After finding himself in financial trouble, a 27-year old Sam Houston State University student attempted to steal money from the bank by transferring money between two bank accounts at two separate banks.

According to UPD captain Kevin Morris, the student filed a fraudulent vehicle burglary report on August 22 and claimed several items, including a checkbook, had been stolen. The student later reported the fraudulent activity in a checking account linked to the checkbook.

“The student reported that his vehicle had been burglarized and his checkbook stolen back in August,” Morris said.

Upon the student’s report of fraudulent activity in the account, UPD investigative officer Mark Saha began an investigation into the credibility of the student’s accusations.

“The circumstances surrounding the story were suspicious, so I subpoenaed bank records and called the student back in,” Saha said. “He confessed and is supposed to turn himself in today (Monday).”

After the investigation, Saha discovered that $3,700 had been transferred in the fraudulent activity between the two accounts.

Upon arrest, the student faces possible fines and jail time on charges of filing a false report, which is a Class B misdemeanor. According to Texas Penal Code Sec. 37.08, a person commits an offense if they knowingly make a false statement to a public peace officer with the intent to deceive. Filing a false report could put a student in violation of the SHSU Student Code of Conduct, which states that all students are expected to comply with all university, state and federal laws.

Since the banks were both located in Montgomery County, the student also faces state jail felony charges of fraud in that county.

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