Couch potato seats few but not gone

Are you a true fan of SHSU football? Do you like to paint your face (or whole body) orange? Do you like to be in the action? Do you like free pizza? Do you own a couch? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then the couch potato section is holding a seat for you.

Located on the North End Zone, the “Couch Potato” Section is for those who are most spirited at SHSU. The students who sit here can sometimes be called: “crazy,” “neurotic,” “die-hard,” and “oober-fans.” The students’ main purpose for sitting so close to the field is to pump up the players and scream their head off when the Bearkats score.

“The couch potato section is a special section for the most spirited students at SHSU,” said Jeff Roberts, Graduate Student Assistance in Office of Student Activities. “This is a section for the type of students that wear all orange, paint their faces orange, spray paint their hair orange and who love to scream and act crazy for the sake of Sam Houston.”

The Office of Student Activities would like to let students know that tickets for the couch potato seats are free today, and like normal seating area tickets, you can pick them up in the Department of Student Activities in the LSC room number 328. For more information, please call the Office of Student Activities at (936) 294-3861.

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