Grabbing snacks on the go

Aramark has introduced the Kat Snack Truck to meet students’ hunger pains between classes.

Students often arrive to class hungry because their classes are back-to-back and they do not have time to run in the LSC, Paw Print or Caf Belvin. The 10-minute break between classes allowed only enough time to run to the vending machines before dashing into class. However, some buildings do not have vending machines, so students must go to class with their stomachs rumbling.

Santel Frazier, Ararmark’s Director, and other Aramark staff devised the snack truck that recently dbuted on campus. The snack truck served energy drinks, coffee, water, sodas, candy, other snacks, breakfast tacos, sandwiches and soups.

“We wanted to provide all the quick stuff for students to pick up so they could run right into class,” said Frazier.

However, the snack truck does not accept Bearkat Bucks or meal plan and so students can only pay with cash.

Students can find the snack truck in the main commuter parking lot or between the LSC and AB 4 and Lee Drain Building between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“We started the snack truck so we could conveniently offer food and drinks to serve the students better,” Frazier said.

In addition, Frazier said there is a second truck that could start running in a week or so, depending on the success of the first truck.

For more information about the Kat Snack Truck, call the Aramark Office at (936) 294-1964.

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