When it rains, it pours love

Tuesday it rained. It poured. Whatever saying you have for precipitation it would be applicable to Tuesday’s weather. Although many ran for cover, I found solstice in the ease at which the rain drops pelted me. The pouring of cats and dogs provided me with the metaphorical release that I had been longing to inspire my muse.

I sat down under the tree in the yard and began to scribe. I concluded that the rain was the tears of God. Whether it was tears of joy or sober, I did not venture to distinguish. However, I pondered on how we cry out to God, but do we consider his tears? I thought what should my tears matter when they doubly equate to a puddle, while the Lord’s tears flood the campus.

At this moment my friend Rodney appeared with a smiley umbrella and joined me in my quest of philosophy. Rodney gave me his umbrella while he sat covering himself with a newspaper. I could not let such selflessness go unanswered and set out to help others. I offered the umbrella to people walking through the cascading chaos. It didn’t matter how wet I got, and I found great delight in the sloshing of the water in my shoes.

Though I was helping, there were some who declined my offer. I wasn’t shaken but I wondered on the reasons why a person would not want to be dry at no cost. Perhaps they have been taught that no one can offer assistance without wanting something in return, and therefore they shouldn’t accept help. Rodney noticed that people, even though walking in the same direction, would not offer shade to those walking next to them. I begin to wonder if anyone cared for the good of others. Then out of the abyss of selfishness came a ray of hope named Aaron. He noticed that someone’s backpack was open and rushed out to close it up for her.

The rain let up and I gave Rodney his umbrella. We began to stroll up the yard, and as soon as we did a man approached me, gave me an umbrella and said “God bless you.” I replied with an equal stance and gave Rodney a look of wonder. For the last hour I had been preaching on the law of reciprocity and how the universe has its balance, and now this event took place.

I didn’t even clear the fountain before a woman asked me for my umbrella. I gave it to her without thought or question. As I continued on my journey and thought, something good is going to happen to me. Balance must be sustained. I reached Sam Houston Avenue and was waiting to cross traffic when a car pulled up and inside was my friend Sydney. She gave me a ride to my car as I explained how she just did her part to bring the universe full circle.

Some of you may chalk these events up as coincidence, but Tuesday’s weather was much more than just a tornado warning. The trouble is that few would stop to see its beauty. Most ran to there destinations without thoughts of the tears from heaven, or the ways they could help others. The rain brings out the character in people. Some walked and enjoyed this wonder, in search of deeper meaning. Others worried about their outfits and shoes. There always tends to be some type of exception, but is it that hard to help? To have love for someone that you may or may not know? You never know what people are going through and how your umbrella could be that good deed that keeps someone from taking their life. That’s reality whether you like it or not.

Spread love, kindness and peace for none of these are weak attributes. Get over yourself; it’s a rainy day.

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