Cowboys deliver painful payback

Funny, just a week ago Terrell Owens was shouting at Drew Bledsoe and the rest of his Cowboy teammates on the sidelines in a disappointing 38-24 loss in Philly, where T.O. only caught three passes for 45 yards against his former teammates.

What’s also funny is the fact that the Houston Texans are a professional football team. I know, I know. I shouldn’t be so insensitive but come on, they’re awful.

This week T.O. and the Cowboys embarrassed the local minor league football team, 34-6, to win for the first time in the young series. Houston won the first time the teams met, 19-10, in 2002.

Owens and the rest of the Cowboys were kept quiet in the first half, as the Texans went into the locker rooms with a 6-3 lead.

Too bad football is a two half game, at least for the Texans.

On the opening third quarter drive, the Cowboys drove 68 yards leading to one of Owens’ three touchdown catches. The drive opened the flood gates on the Texans as the Cowboys scored 31 unanswered points in the second half and out gained Houston in yardage 240-103 in the final two quarters.

David Carr turned in another Ryan Leaf-type performance, going 15-of-27, 128 yards and two picks. The Texans also managed to run for 34 yards on 17 carries. That’s the whole team, not an undrafted backup running back getting garbage time. Yes, it was that awful.

There were some…I mean two bright spots. The play of Andre Johnson and the defensive rookies. Johnson led all receivers in the game with nine receptions for 75 yards. Andre, do yourself a favor and get out while you can. I’m sure that DeMeco Ryans and Mario Williams won’t mind coming with you.

The two rooks combined for 15 tackles and a sack. Williams finally showed some of that first- round talent, chasing down plays from behind and making some good stops.

Ryans was solid as he has been all year, proving that he’s not too small to play middle backer in the NFL.

I’m sure the Cowboys appreciate the tune-up before they play a legitimate NFL caliber team next week in the New York Giants. They have a brutal schedule the rest of the season.

The Texans on the other hand, can look forward to six out of the next nine games on the road. So they’ll get to see some great cities.

Texan fans I’ve got four words for you that will make this all worth while.

“With the first pick…”

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