Football brawl leads to suspensions in Miami

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) – The University of Miami extended the suspension of one player and said further disciplinary measures will be taken in the wake of a sideline-clearing brawl with Florida International.

Sophomore safety Anthony Reddick was suspended indefinitely following further consultation Monday with the Atlantic Coast Conference, the school said. Reddick charged across the field, helmet raised over his head, and slammed it into an opposing player during the melee.

“After thinking this through last night, (Miami athletic director) Paul Dee and I agreed this morning that additional measures were needed regarding Anthony Reddick and the use of his helmet during Saturday’s incident,” ACC commissioner John Swofford said.

One-game suspensions for Reddick and 12 teammates were announced Sunday. Other disciplinary measures for the players may include community service and other unspecified actions, the school said in a statement.

Florida International, which said Sunday that 18 players would be suspended for one game, called a news conference for later Monday and was likely to announce “much harsher penalties,” coach Don Strock said.

“This is certainly embarrassing. It’s disgraceful. It’s amazing. I’ve run out of words,” Strock said. “There’s no place for it in college football or football period. This is way overboard. I apologize to all the fans of college football for this taking place.”

Miami president Donna Shalala said in an open letter that the fight was “outrageous.”

“Regardless of who started it, this was an embarrassing display of unsportsmanlike behavior,” Shalala wrote. “Fortunately there were no injuries.”

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