Fun Weekend

As we all know, we live in the city of Huntsville. It is a hard truth that we have come to accept over the time that we survive in this illustrious city/town. Despite Huntsville’s obvious notoriety for being a city of entertainment, many still venture to say that there is nothing to do.

Half of the students leave on the weekends to go on drinking rampages in College Station or to go shopping in the Woodlands while staying at Daddy and Mommy’s house. I don’t understand this. Ideally, if we all stayed on the weekends we could have as much or even more fun than we do during the week, right?

Imagine a weekend where the thousands of Sam-Houstonites unify for period of adventure and a spirit of jubilance. Just think of the things we would accomplish. We could all go to Shennanigans and stand under the air vents, and then look at ourselves in the mirrors at the Fox. Then once everything had closed, we could go to Wal-Mart and never stop shopping. Eternal shopping. Diapers, bras, posters, Mountain Dew, telescopes, popsicles, season one of Good times… you name it, that place has it.

Doesn’t that weekend sound like fun? I mean we could all be friends, and then go to class as well.

This is the worst idea I have ever heard of even though I came up with it myself, and I’m certain you agree. Truth is, a lot of people resort to drinking to have fun in the “Unsavory City.” They turn to Mr. Daniels and Brother Budweiser to make the reality of Sam Houston Ave. seem like just a bad dream, but then they wake up not only with a hangover and no recollection of last night.

So are students in the city that always sleeps supposed to do for fun? I wish I could tell you what to do but our ideas of fun could be polar opposites. All I can do is throw it out there, and you can send it back if you don’t want it. I won’t be hurt, scout’s honor.

Whenever I get bored I either play FIFA, a soccer game or do something illegal. Not bad illegal, though. It’s the kind of law breaking that has more to do with social shackles as opposed to jail ones. I like to go to Wal-Mart and have basket car races in the parking lot. I like to turn my lights off when I see people walking down the street and cut them back on swerving and honking when I get close to them. I threw ranch and marinara sauce on someone’s door last week, only to find out that it was one of my friends. I stole a TV from someone’s room because they were in the shower when I came over. I made them come and get it because I was too lazy to bring it back. When I lived on campus I would go into other peoples dorms and knock on random doors to see what would happen. Either I would make a new Facebook friend or enemy. Which reminds me, I don’t like RA’s, except for Max over at King Hall. He’s my hero.

All this sounds ridiculous, but there’s no way I could get an MIP or DUI while disrupting the peace and quiet of the lives everyone I know. Yes, it is illegal, but when was breaking the law not fun?

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