Note from the Viewpoints Editor

Dear Student Body,

This semester, our hope for the viewpoints section was to include as wide an array of student opinion as possible. We want to know what you think about national issues, social topics and events on campus. So far, we have accepted several columns from students who have had to meet no requirement other than being able to write about their opinions in an organized, logical fashion.

Basically, if you care about something at all, like abortion, the death penalty, the way the government is spending our money, what your organization is doing to raise money or bring in new members, we want to hear about it. I can honestly say that I would rather hear about what’s going on around the school or in students’ minds than write every week about my personal life.

Letters to the editor will still be accepted, but if you would like to submit an appropriate column, (i.e. no curse words, 400 to 500 words in length and based on or connected to a current event), we are more than willing to run them on the viewpoints page. Please take this opportunity to make your voice heard in a way that you’ll be able to remember, use in your portfolio, and brag about to your friends and family.


Kristin Edwards

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