Single girls shopping for clothes and men

We’ve all got priorities- family, friends, school, work and the like. Different things all take a different precedence in any one woman’s life. But regardless of our backgrounds or differences, we females simply cannot do without two things- men and spending money. And finding a man to spend the money for you isn’t bad either!

A woman’s life is stressful. We’ve got to play more roles than we know what to do with sometimes, and on top of that each requires a different pair of shoes! Circumstances and priorities shift as we grow older, but no matter how much our lives change these two remain our constant vices- shopping and men. There is no amount of stress that a fabulous new purse and a new man to accessorize it with can’t cure.

In essence, as single girls are we not constantly “shopping” for a mate? The choices of men are endless and just as fashions change, so do the qualities we look for in our next “purchase.”

Sometimes we shop for looks alone. We spot that killer pair of heels, or those killer abs, through the window and buy without a blink. We know they won’t be easy to walk in, but it doesn’t matter because they look good and make us feel even better. These shoes and this guy may be fun for a while, but looks fade and when they do all we’re left with is blistered feet and buyer’s remorse.

Single girls live stressful lives that constitute major gratifications. We deserve to reward ourselves because let’s be honest- who else will? And what better way to do so than to splurge on something we have absolutely no need for? We know it won’t last and it costs more than a down payment on a small house. Our friends might even advise us against it, but every once in a while a smart girl has got to make a bad choice and reward herself with something that won’t do her any good. We’ve all done it ladies. The guy screams trouble and our friends warn caution, but sometimes doing something wrong can be so good for you.

Responsibilities can turn life into monotonous routines. Each day is a checklist of tasks that put us into an ever-predictable slump. As women we tend to attempt an escape from our boredom, with our lives and our wardrobes, by dusting off the Visa and hitting the mall. When we shop out of boredom or disparity (the dating world if much a kin to desperate measures) we often end up settling for things we don’t really love, but may offer a brief glimpse out of the mundane. Sure, the single life can be exciting and uninhibited- but as we watch others begin to settle down, we can get in such a rush to do the same that we just end up settling. We often buy things just because they’re on sale, and sometimes we get involved with a guy just because he’s interested and available- neither of these fill the qualities we set out for. So before you spend your money or time on something that will simply fill the hole in you closet, save your funds for something that’s really worth the investment.

We often shop solely for looks, style, or we are told to wear, but every once in a while- and more often in the dating world- we set out looking only for comfort. We take on so many responsibilities, and although we are strong enough to handle them on our own, we naturally look for a guy to offer a sense of solace away from the whirlwind of our lives. A stable relationship offers the same kind reliable comfort as an old pair of sweatpants. And doesn’t it always seem that our oldest pair of sweats is our absolute favorite? Sure, we may shop around and buy newer, cuter and more flattering pairs, but just as with men, once we find what we’re comfortable with its hard for anything else to compare. What you love best may not appeal to anyone else, but after a long day the most exciting and wonderful thing we have is looking forward to going home to something warm to cuddle up with.

Once we mature we’ll realize that we’ve spent more money than we would like to admit on countless clothes, shoes and purses that we can’t even remember. Once we have enough happiness and heartbreak to grant us the understanding that only comes with experience, we’ll stop shopping around on the sole bases of looks, comfort, boredom, or what people tell us we need, and we’ll finally start looking for something that will last.

But our time has not been wasted because each experience teaches us about ourselves and what we need. We’ve got to love the wrong people in order to find The One that will last. But it’s the journey that makes this realization worth while, and sometimes making the wrong choices is just what we need.

Deep down inside we know ourselves and what we’re really looking for all along. But even though we know it’s not our style, isn’t fun to try it on while we’re shopping around?

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