Athletes are a dogs best friend

If a plain old dog is a mans best friend then cute little puppies must be angels sent to delight us with their playful antics and remedial understanding beyond licking everything.

The Sam Houston State University Athletic Department, in correlation with the Rita B. Huff Animal Shelter, are putting on a dog show. Yes, Sam Houston, a display of cute critters to bring any girl to the proverbial “awwww” face while dragging her perhaps unwilling boyfriend along.

The animal shelter is looking to upgrade to a new facility because they have own grown their present building. They went to Athlete Advisory Committee to ask them for help. The committee is comprised of 36 student athletes, two from each sport, that work in the community. Athletes not only helped plan the event but will be helping run it as well.

Stephanie Mosley, officer on the committee, took the job as the main coordinator from the student-athletes and is a senior softball player.

“The show is more at comedy,” said Mosley. “I’ve worked with them before.”

Jonathon Harris, track & field captain, is one of the student-athletes that is be working with the event.

“Students from each sport will be assisting,” said Harris.

The dog show is comprised of a parade and the actual competition. The parade will feature dogs from the shelter that are up for adoption. The competition includes 10 categories that include interesting events like ‘The Most Uncontrollable Dog’ and ‘Best Tail Wagging.’ The coordinators did this in order to add to the comedic aspect of the event.

“We tried to come up with any category that we could think of,” said Harris.

The Rita B. Huff Animal Shelter offers a wide array of services from volunteer programs to animal adoption

Marjolein Lemmon is the manager of the shelter

“I think that it’s going to be a lot of fun. Its supposed to have nice weather,” said Lemmon.

The entry fee for people who want to enter their dogs is $10 per category and can be paid at the event.

All dogs must be on a leash. After the events are over there will be an open house at the shelter so that people will get to see what the shelter is all about.

The show is on Sunday October 29th, from 1 p.m.- 3 p.m. Check-n begins at 12:30 and the parade will begin at 1 p.m.

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