Distracting people must be stopped

How long has common decency and courtesy for fellow human beings been extinct? I honestly think that there’s no way to tell this for sure because criticizing people for doing wrong has become viewed as insensitive. Be prepared to get yelled at when you scold someone for cutting in line. Don’t expect a thank-you-wave anymore when you let someone into traffic.

It seems a little backwards to me. Wouldn’t taking a mile when given an inch, demanding more when given more than enough and disrupting a computer lab used for actual college work be wrong and insensitive?

What makes people think they can walk into AB1 and disrupt everyone around them? These labs are a place for students to do work, not a place to hang out for those who are apathetic about succeeding in college. The city of Huntsville has many places to hang out which aren’t filled with people who request quiet.

I am eluded by the reasoning, which would compel a person to go make noise in a place where others are gathered for peace and quiet. I also cannot figure out why people are allowed to do this. Are we afraid to tell them to stop? Would it infringe on human rights?

College is an establishment for respectful adults who are concerned about filling the remainder of their lives with success and happiness. College is a way to escape years of living in a bad area surrounded by sub-standard people. Why are we lying down and letting our SHSU atmosphere slowly turn into one of these environments? Why are we allowing our human rights to be infringed upon?

Read this clearly. If this upsets youyou’re guilty! It’s funny how that works. You’re reading something that is saying, “We’re fed up!” And who’s we? Everyone but you!

There’s no need for us to keep quiet anymore. We (decent people) are not outnumbered. We are just quiet and respectful and wary of hurting another’s feelings. These people are not, and they need to know that they are wrong.

This is not a race issue. This concerns the attitudes of the youth of this country. Why do professors not care anymore when students leave in the middle of class to answer their cell phone only to return near the end of the lecture? Why is talking throughout a lecture tolerated by teachers and other students?

I think it’s because people are afraid of losing their jobs or getting into a mindless altercation with someone who doesn’t have the mental capacity to realize they’ve done something wrong and deserve to be reprimanded.

I am almost at the point where I believe that these children aren’t aware of their rudeness. I’ve been taught that it is in human nature to aspire to be the best human one can be. A person cannot possibly be aware of committing actions like these and be content with themselves.

If you are one of these people who are tired of being distracted by flows while trying to finish your homework, then tell a labbie. Labbies are typically frightened of losing their jobs or starting a riot when they want to tell people to quiet down from their own convictions.

If someone in a lab complains of being distracted by an outburst or frequent loud talking, then a labbie is required to ask that person to either stop the disruptions or leave. If this person continues being disruptive, they will then be told to leave or will be taken from the lab by UPD. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Don’t be afraid. The amount of people being ticked off is much greater than the amount upsetting others. This is an opportunity to make the labs a place for college work again. Take your computer labs back and use them for why they were built – to further the growth of this university, not to let it be held back.

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