When did Halloween become unsavory?

I vividly remember being Frankenstein when I was five. Trick or treating is a memory that sticks in my mind, as perhaps it should everyone in my generation. I also remember when I got to be about 10 years old I stopped dressing up and just bought bags of candy. Once I had hit 12 Halloween was but a fuzzy picture show in my mind.

Somewhere in between when I was stuffing my face with sweets all those years ago and the last four days where consumption of candy was replaced by delicious cervezas My memory is not as vivid anymore.

Perhaps the explanation is as simple as the evident perspectives would lead us to believe. “We grow up. Girls used to have cooties and now we cant go out unless the guy to girl ratio is acceptable.”

I haven’t dismissed this as the reasoning for why Halloween started on last Saturday and peaked in Monday and Tuesday. As the days progressed the outfits got more scandalous and the events more rowdy.

It was in the cold of the Tuesday night and I went out in an Officer Dangle uniform from “Reno 911.” I stopped in at Lizard’s and had my rear grabbed by a woman whom I didn’t know and doubt I will ever see again. This didn’t bother me too much. It just gave me a foreshadowing for the events to come that night. You try dancing in a dangle uniform that held on with Velcro as a woman dances on you for 20 minutes. It’s not easy. This woman was only one of many that danced and frolicked in fish net stockings. The same girls that used to be Pippy Long Stockings and Raggedy Ann are now just raggedly pippy. Either that or a police woman wanting to put me in cuffs and read my rights. It’s not only the dames that take part in this. I have never seen a 6-foot penis walking around until a few days ago.

When I think about Halloween I become indifferent. When I went out on these three days, I never thought I was celebrating Halloween. In fact, I don’t even like it anymore because of its association with the occult and things of that nature.

Another thought that comes to mind is when did Halloween become such an event? I know people decorate and give candy before the October 31st, but now it’s a Festiliday. That’s right, a Festiliday. It’s the only word that could combine the traditional idea of an annual celebration spread over more than one day. If there is a word for this, tell me, because now I’ve had to make a new one up.

Personally I do a lot of unsavory stuff. I have dressed up to be a public disruption before, and I guarantee I will do it again. Most likely around Christmas time.

Plain and simple I just like dressing up and acting abnormal. If a costume party was thrown on Nov, 21st, I would go to it.

I like candy. I love Raggedly Pippy.

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