You can win love

Program Council held Singled Out yesterday in the LSC Theater last night. The dating show was a rendition of MTV’s “Singled Out.” The theater was adorned with gold, purple and red balloons, and what looked like a throne was decorated in gold and lights. One of the selling points was MTV’s MJ “The Real World: Philadelphia.” After one look at his tall frame and curly blonde locks, a flock of females rushed to the front in hopes of winning a date with this MTV stud.

The first section of the show featured the woman whose attention all the guys were vying for, Katya Lavelle. The male participants were less expressive about their excitement, but they too still made their way on the side of the stage for competitors. Each contestant had to fill out an information sheet consisting of categories like age (Nickelodeon for freshmen, MTV for sophomores and juniors and VH1 for seniors), fitness, academics, style, campus involvement and partying (Paris Hilton/Tommy Lee, Rachel McAdams/Owen Wilson, Martha Stewart/Dr. Phil). Levelle picked a category for each question and selected preferences from the choices.

The 19 males answered question after question until the selection was narrowed down to two. Finally, when two were left, one contestant remained nonchalant while the other eluded confidence.

“I’m feeling real good now. I’m taking it home,” Dante (“just Dante”) said. The two men walked to the back of the theater to begin the “Trail of Hearts.” Each answer that matched Lavelle’s answer would allow the contestant to move forward one heart.

Dr. Pepper vs. Sprite was the deciding question. Dr. Pepper won the competition for Josh Hoogendoorn. Host Morgan Chesky introduced the new match before their celebratory hug. Unfortunately, Hoogendoorn admitted only participating because of the free shirt.

“I’m not looking for anything serious,” he said.

The most anticipated contest had MJ dancing onto the stage. Females were practically overflowing off the stage. MJ said he would like to find “true Texas love.” After the elimination of the Martha Stewart/Dr. Phil partiers, two guys pranced off the stage in front of a laughing crowd. Next to go were the freshmen.

“I really don’t watch Blue’s Clues anymore,” MJ said as 28 of the 46 females left the stage with disappointment on their faces.

When it was finally narrowed down to two, they began their journey down the Trail of Hearts. The *NSYNC-vs. Backstreet Boys question challenged MJ’s male pride, but he admitted to preferring *NSYNC, as did the two contestants. Sophomore Lacey Berger was ahead in the challenge and received a friendly kiss from MJ after she won. The two curly blondes posed for pictures, and the flock of rejected contestants flooded the front again to get autographs and pictures taken with MJ.

“I’d kind of heard of MJ before,” Berger said. “I’m pretty excited. He seems really laid back. I didn’t expect to get this far.”

She has no hope for her future with MJ, however, since he has a flight to make tomorrow.

“She’s a really pretty girl,” MJ said of Berger.

MJ has been going around the country for about two years speaking at college campuses about common college issues. He welcomed the change of Singled Out at Sam Houston State University.

“Tonight was really fun. Tonight was great. I’d love to come back to Sam Houston sometime. I’ve heard about the campus before,” he said.

Program Council and the audience declared Singled Out a success and said that it will be back next year.

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