Some students get creative when it comes to studying

When it comes to studying for finals, most students need a little push to get motivated. Sam Houston State University has several “study hot spots” around town that are giving students a few extra reasons to not study in cramped dorm rooms or apartments.

With finals a mere three weeks away, some students are beginning to form study groups to get the best grades possible.

“We get a lot of students who come here to study,” said Debbie Butler, Manager of IHOP in Huntsville. “Our biggest perk here is we have wireless Internet and we keep the coffee coming all night long.”

At $1.79 for coffee and open for 24 hours, Butler says IHOP makes sure they have extra staff when finals come around.

“It doesn’t bother us that the students like to come here to study,” Butler said. “But on the weekends it makes it difficult sometimes since we have a lot of business.”

For students who need silence when they study, the library on campus seems to be the best bet for those value a little peace and quiet as well as help finding references.

“The library is a great place to study because it is quiet,” said Tatinana Matwijiw, SHSU Library Worker. “We have a lot of resources and people who can help.”

Term papers mean research and research often means headaches. Matwijiw says the library has great resources and can help the students find the answers they are looking for.

“If a student is writing a paper and need a particular book that we do not have in our library, we can often times find it in other libraries that a student can go to,” Matwijiw said. “We also have the third floor designated for private study rooms.”

By the time students are seniors; many look for new and creative ways to study. Tired of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol, some students find inspiration by becoming one with nature.

“My friends and I had studied at IHOP for so long, and it got old,” said Nick Cenegy, 2006 SHSU graduate. “My friends and I decided we needed a new place to study, so we thought long and hard and finally decided on a special place.”

The “special place”, aka the top of the parking garage, is the highest point of elevation in Huntsville. When a student stands on the top of the building, they can see for miles.

“This place became a nice place to hang out and study with our friends,” Cenegy said. “We ran our laptops off power from the trucks, we brought folding chairs and we put a camping stove in the back of the truck to keep an endless supply of coffee going.”

After studying for hours on end, some students find themselves in serious need of a vacation.

With these few helpful tips, students can kiss their stress goodbye and do great on their finals:

1) Remember to start studying early. Students who begin to study when the review sheet is handed out are usually less stress and do better on tests.

2) Know what to study. Study over old notes from previous tests and never be afraid to ask your professor what will be on the test.

3) Know what type test you will be taking. If you have a multiple choice test, you will find the need to study more in detail, whereas if you are taking an essay test, you need to study broader topics.

4) Know how your professor tests. If your professor usually gives tests over notes or lecture, the final will probably be in the same fashion.

5) Pick an appropriate place to study. Never study in your bed. Find a place to keep you awake and alert.

6) Stay healthy. Drinking plenty of water, eating right, exercising and getting a full nights rest can be the key to grabbing those good grades.

If you find your self on a meltdown right before the big test, try relieving your stress by writing in a journal, spending time with loved ones, laughing, reducing caffeine intake, listening to music, drinking green tea, walking or working out.

“The longest time I’ve studied was 24 hours straight,” said junior Torri Bradley. “To reduce my stress, I find going to the gym and working out very helpful.”

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