Concept of ‘Mas Giving’ taken seriously

You walk outside and the breeze embraces your person like the love of an old friend. Though this friend may appear bitter at first, it only asks of you to compromise with your fashion to co-exist. Once you slip on another layer it becomes apparent that the only thing keeping you from enjoying the breeze was your own self.

Now you’ve gotten over yourself and you can begin to enjoy this day that the Lord has given you. When you walk by the cyclical fountain, you can’t help but to marvel at creation, and at the leaves of variety, of purple, green and brown. You might take delight in that fact that this moment was all natural. Above you the canopies dance to the tune of rustling hawks, and the leaves spiral into angelic dimension.

Just think, if you had not changed, you would have never known that something so natural could exist. The sensation of the smell of autumn’s end and sounds of the wind’s harmony tantalizing your ears, are overlooked miracles. All that was needed to experience this was change.

Thanksgiving is around the corner. I doubt I even needed to mention its approach because all I’ve heard is talk of plans. Among the most popular is the classic high school reuniting. All of the high school cliques come together to relive the good times. Nothing is wrong with this. I plan on doing the same.

But can Thanksgiving go without giving anything? Is turkey the only satisfaction you receive?

It is a break from school that we all need before we are bogged down with final examinations. It wouldn’t be right for us to take the foreshadowing of Christmas break so lightly. By all means, celebrate!

Even go as far to make a toast! “To Sam Houston and all the Bearkats! This delicious Corona is for you, friends!” That’s beautiful.

Have your fun but help someone else have his or her taste of the freedom, which we will be presented with. The bitterness of the Hawk is no comparison to the dismal situations of the less fortunate. Don’t make holidays that have words like “Thanks,” “Giving,” “Christ” and especially “Mas” become all about you. Make this Thanksgiving a “Mas Christ” by taking part in “Mas Giving.” I promise it’s more fulfilling than doing things to appease yourself. The smile of someone who truly appreciates what you’ve done is worth millions more than a 12-pack of Corona’s. Yes. I said it.

Your gift of love is the blanket of hope that ignites a flame in low temperatures. You have danced with the breeze and heard the songs of a thousand harps playing for winter. Such natural wonder should not be restricted only to those who were willing to change.

Not everyone can change into winter wear. Finish your part in universal reciprocity and bless others since you have been blessed. No matter what you are able to give, it is more than someone had before. “Mas Giving” and “Mas Thanks.”

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