Sam art heads to Houston

Eight studio art majors have been given the chance to exhibit their works at the 14th Annual Houston ArtCrawl show on Saturday, Nov. 18 from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Commerce Street Artists Warehouse in Houston.

The ArtCrawl, which is curate by Whitney Riley and Sam Houston State University’s Museum and Gallery Practices class, will feature the works of students Kim Cook, Ashley Ward, Katy Harris, Daniel McFarlane, Sam Masterson, Katy Scherler, Amanda Sparks and Sam Sullivan.

These students earned the right to professional exhibit their art by applying for studio space on a competitive basis. The show will feature the works of over 100 additional professional artists.

The student’s artwork consists of sculptures, paintings and drawings. Cook will present her sculpture and wall piece, which involves ink in translucent layers of abstract form on glass.

Ward will be presenting her comic-book style figurative paintings that deal with flat shapes and colors. Harris created an abstract image using single pieces of hair on ceramic tile.

“[My art] has sort of a feminine feel. It’s about that moment in the shower when you get hair stuck to you and you wipe it off on the tile,” said Harris, whose work will be featured in a show with professional artists for the first time. “Sometimes people can see things in the hair, but to me, they are just simple, elegant, natural and personal line drawings.”

MacFarlane will be showing his painting consisting of layers of surrealistic images that play with space and meaning. Masterson used graffiti painting techniques to create figurative images. Scherler will present a 36-foot canvas of her personal epic narrative.

Sparks created a repetitive sculpture of a tree that sprouts matches. Sullivan will be featuring a drawing in thread on pieces of discarded fabric.

“It’s about taking things people wouldn’t normally give a second look at and forcing them to take that second look,” said Sullivan of his artwork.

“It’s like exploiting extreme cases of objects.”

The ArtCrawl will be exhibiting the works of the students until Thursday, Nov. 30.

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