The Alcalde’ gets a modern makeover

For students wishing to posses a glimpse of their college years forever, the new DVD version of “The Alcalde” yearbook may be just the thing to satisfy any future longings for nostalgia.

This year, “The Alcalde” will be produced and distributed in its entirety as a DVD rather than the traditional hardcover book. According to Sam Houston State University Marketing Director Kris Ruiz, the DVD design for the yearbook was created to correlate with a society that increasingly turns to technology for its every day needs.

“Our desire for the book remained the same, but the DVD format allows us to assimilate the information in the way we like it,” Ruiz said. “These days we’re used to using MySpace and things like that. It’s just the way the world is moving.”

In addition to convenience, the new DVD format also enables more information to be put in the yearbook such as videos and animation. As a result of “The Alcalde” moving to DVD, Ruiz said she hopes that now the book can become a sort of university project with students and faculty from all reaches of the university stepping up to contribute.

In order to put the book together, Ruiz said she plans on hiring at least five student workers in the spring.

“Right now we’re just laying the groundwork. I’m really looking for students in mass communications, photography, public relations or marketing,” Ruiz said. “We’ll write out promotional plans and market plans. I’m also looking for students with skills in videography or photography, like Photoshop.”

The most obvious benefit for students who choose to purchase the new version of the yearbook should be the cost, which now comes in at just $20 per DVD. Anyone who chooses to buy the book on DVD will get to enjoy a cheaper price as well as the chance to enter a drawing for four Continental Airline gift certificates worth $250 a piece.

Depending upon the success of this year’s sales, the switch to “The Alcalde” on DVD could become a permanent decision.

“We’ll evaluate at the end of the year and see whether or not to continue,” Ruiz said. “If we get a lot of support, it will be permanent.”

Though this is the first year the book will be produced on DVD at Sam, the idea actually started years ago at the high school level. According to Ruiz, the idea is fairly new but is quickly becoming a trend among many colleges.

“It gives you more flexibility and allows you to produce more content,” Ruiz said.

As many students may have noticed, the DVD version of “The Alcalde” may now be purchased when registering for classes. Once the infrastructure for the new yearbook is complete, student should be able to purchase the book online through the end of the spring semester.

“We’ll distribute the yearbooks in June, so we want students to purchase them as soon as possible,” Ruiz said. “But you can buy them all the way up to the end of the spring semester.”

With the yearbook now available in a more convenient format and at a cheaper cost, more students may be willing to shell out the bucks in order to retain a bit of memories as a Bearkat.

“There has been a lot of enthusiasm for it, but it will only be as good as the support we get,” Ruiz said. “It’s going to have sight, sound and memories that move. We just want to produce a quality piece; a 3-D version of your time at Sam.”

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