3 minutes to make a move

Her View:

I just went speed dating. I’m not kidding.

So here’s the way it happens. You walk into this big room with about 20-30 people, sitting around talking awkwardly with people they know are there for the exact same reasons. The problem was that most of those people were girls, which wouldn’t have been very helpful for me if I had actually been serious about the whole thing.

The dating started about a half hour after it was supposed to and for the first few minutes, I was stuck talking to a girl because there weren’t enough guys to go around. She was nervous, and from the looks of it, she didn’t look like the only one. Even before we all started talking, everyone was glancing around over their shoulders, trying to stake out who they really wanted to talk to.

After all of my dates, I can honestly say that I had no idea so many people were going to this school for marketing. Literally every guy I talked to was majoring in business, accounting or marketing. The funniest conversation I had was with one of these mathematically inclined men was about receiving a TI-83 calculator for his first birthday. That was interesting.

One guy actually told me he was talented at “quadrating fractoids.” Another one talked about his mom the whole time… he was a winner. The most surprising guy I met was a guy that was moderately attractive from across the room, but his ratings went way up when I actually talked to him. Turns out, the guy was from Scotland, had a great sense of humor and had me laughing the entire three minutes we talked. I guess out of the speed dating context that wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but I was impressed.

So now I’ve been speed dating, and beyond all of the usual predictions and jokes made about it, for some people, it might actually be a decent way to meet someone. If you can stand the idea of telling your grandkids that you met their grandpa at a speed dating event, go for it.

His View:

So I enter the room looking absolutely “pimptastic” as usual. I had on my Hollister jeans that were damaged in a bear fight, an old school shirt from my granddad, brown French shoes, a “ballin” brown jacket, my new afro pick and a heart full of fire.

By the looks of it, anyone could perceive that I was a man on a mission. The name of the game is speed dating. I was allowed three minutes with each dame, in which I was to do my best to impress her. Yes, I was on assignment for my job, but there is always the added opportunity that I could meet “the one.” You know whom I speak of- the one that I will date, fall in love with and perhaps even marry.

My experiences failed to provide me with this companion. I wish speed dating was more fulfilling. It’s more about what you’re into rather than a good time.

My buddies Ramon Banks and Rodney Herod attended this event with me. Both of them found the event to be “savory.” I had a blast as well. I got to meet some really nice ladies and that’s always a plus. I don’t think I would have ever had the chance to meet some of them if I didn’t go speed dating.

Though I enjoyed myself, there were certainly some things that did not settle well. On the occasions where I was really enjoying my date, our conversation was cut short to give out door prizes. I love free stuff, but not when I’m trying get my grove on. Despite the fact that I didn’t have time to fall I in love, I did get a free bag of coffee.

Not every speed dating experience will reward you with coffee or even help you find love. There is one thing that I can say to sum up my speed dating experience. I paid $3, won a bag of coffee and I am still single.

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