John Yarabeck receives Dean of Students position

The Dean of Students office is under new supervision with John Yarabeck named as the new Dean of Students.

“I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would be in this position,” Yarabeck said after the contract for a vice president job he had in Chicago got pulled.

When Interim Vice President Frank Parker offered him the Dean of Students position, Yarabeck said it was somewhat overwhelming, but he was thrilled to be entrusted with the responsibility.

“It is more of what I do,” Yarabeck said. “I can use my experiences to build on an already strong foundation.”

Yarabeck will still serve in some of the same capacities such as chief of judicial affairs, crisis team coordinator and advisor of Student Government Association and the Freshmen Leadership Program. In addition, Yarabeck will oversee the Dean of Students area and parent and family weekend. He will also act as coordinator of the student guidelines and code of student conduct and Who’s Who.

With all these duties, Yarabeck said he looks to the experience and insight he has gained over the years.

Yarabeck has worked at seven universities across the country, but when he decided to come to Sam Houston State University, he said he knew it was right move.

“It was the right opportunity at the right time and with my knowledge from other schools, I could bring a piece of each with me,” Yarabeck said.

After two promotions, from Associate Dean to Interim Dean, he is now the head of the Dean of Students’ office. Yarabeck said he is prepared to build on the existing foundation with more projects and programs to cater to students.

Yarabeck is encouraging people to look out for programs like a conference on independent investigation, to help the Dean of Students Office better interpret and handle police reports, and “Ask Raven,” an online questionnaire and answer service for students to better understand university administration.

Yarabeck is urging students, faculty and staff to let the Dean of Students’ office know what it is they can do to help.

“I look forward to working with students and giving them quality experience,” he said. “Eat ’em up Kats!”

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