One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days where everything fell apart? Literally, it appeared as if everything that could randomly occur wrong popped up on you. I’m certain most of you have had a day like this, and if you haven’t then this will be good for you because you will have days like this.

It’s official. Yesterday most anything that could have gone wrong in my life went wrong. From the moment I woke up to the moment I began work on this editorial, things kept popping. Although it was only one in the afternoon, a lifetime of chaos has erupted within three hours and I found myself in a philosophical fit of genius and poetry. Though the cow feces had hit the fan, the only thing I could think about was the leaves. I looked outside from my office window and marveled in the delightful variety that nature displayed for me. It was as if the trees were there for me. I believe they were.

Lately, I’ve walked on campus wondering what color leaf I would see next, and I’ve never been let down. I’m always presented with the conglomerate of Mother Nature’s artistry. How can I focus on all of these distracting agents when the leaves were at my command? That’s the key we’re not supposed to focus on them. Days like these are the most inevitable of inevitability and cannot be avoided. Days like this truly tests ones faith.

I focused on everything that was going well. As I was writing this, I was eating a free quesadilla while listening to one of my favorite Brazilian mix cd’s. I love Portuguese! From my window, it looks like I’m going make it to the soccer field. I get to go to Spanish class (which I absolutely adore), and if the rain would just wait for me, I can play soccer today.

All hell broke loose and I just wondered if I would hit the soccer field before the rain fell. Search for your soccer fields, quesadillas, Brazilian music and tubini. Don’t worry about storm. There’s a brighter day to come.

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