Shivering Sam

Tank tops and shorts may have been comfortable at the beginning of the week, but by this afternoon things should begin to feel a bit more like Christmas.

According to, a Canadian cold front should sweep through Huntsville sometime today, bringing rain and freezing temperatures with it. Today’s high stands around 60 degrees with lows stretching into the upper 20’s, representing a drastic change from the 80 degree temperatures recorded across the region on Tuesday. Temperatures tomorrow are forecast to reach only the upper 50’s.

“It’s a little late, but typical for this time of year,” Dr. James Tiller, professor of geology, said. “It’s a normal front, but it’s such a big deal because we just haven’t had much cooler air.”

According to Tiller, the front originated in Canada where the land chilled the air before it was pushed south to our region. Forecasts call for freezing rain and possibly snow in the northern portion of Texas, but only rain and thunderstorms for Huntsville.

“Weak fronts don’t usually make it this far south,” Tiller said. “But we usually get fronts every ten to twelve days. It’s hard to put it simply, but this one is just colder because we’re more into winter now. “

With the influx of cold weather, many students may need to take precautions to prevent damage.

Students living in apartments should not have to worry about their pipes, but may want to cover their plants or bring them indoors to ensure their survival through the cold. The “Dallas Morning-News” suggests using sheets or other coverings to protect plants from the first killing frost with a reminder to uncover them should temperatures rise again.

According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), cats should be kept inside during the cold weather while dogs should be given a blanket or bed. The site also suggests feeding active outdoor dogs slightly more food during the winter to keep them and their fur in top shape for the cold weather.

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