Gunman’s mother: failed dreams caused Taylor’s depression

Growing up, Jake Taylor dreamed of playing professional baseball. He played throughout his years at Spring Woods High School in Houston.

Media reports suggest that his life may have began to spiral out of control once he realized that his dream of becoming a professional athlete was unrealistic.

Twice since Oct. 25, he had tried to kill himself.

According to the “Houston Chronicle,” Taylor’s mother, Linda Taylor-Gonzales, believes that her son’s suicide attempts stem from his lingering disappointment for being dropped form the varsity baseball team his senior year. She said he was kicked off the team for failing to attend a pep rally.

In 2001, Taylor attended Tyler Junior College; in 2002, he attended Galveston College. He attended Sam Houston State University for one semester – spring 2005, where he was reacquainted with 20-year-old Rachel Pendray. He did not return to Sam Houston this fall.

Recently, Taylor was diagnosed with depression and was prescribed medication, said his mother.

On Oct. 25 and Nov 16, according to “The Chronicle,” Taylor attempted suicide.

It is on the Nov. 16 suicide attempt that reports have said that Pendray came to his aid.

Taylor was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital and spent four days in intensive care.

His mother told “The Chronicle” that he was prescribed Celexa, a depression drug and an anti-seizure medication after his attempted suicide.

On Sunday about 8:30 p.m. Taylor, who lived in Houston, left for Huntsville to give Pendray a Christmas card and a $100 bill from his mother. His mother said Taylor was also going to thank Pendary for saving his life.

This would be the last time Taylor-Gonzales would see her son.

Shortly before midnight, police said, Taylor shot Pendary to death in her apartment and then killed himself.

Taylor’s friends say they are sadden and disbelieving.

“We shared a lot of great moments in baseball and other parts of life,” Austin Sumerlin, a friend of Taylor, told the Chronicle. “Jake was a true comedian. This is absolutely something that I would never have expected.”

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