Bizarre beginnings

Some say misery has compounded the spring semester’s unusual start. In addition to classes starting on a Wednesday, the first winter storm of the season arrived Sunday night. This is a major change from what had previously been a mild winter.

The semester’s shortened first week caught many students off guard and compounded their already busy schedules.

Sophomore Mallory Harris found the early start to be an unwelcome complication. She said, “Not only am I starting a new work week, but a new school week too. Why couldn’t it just start Tuesday like every other school?”

Harris was not alone in her opinion of the shortened first week. Marketing junior Ryan Glick said, “I kind of thought it was good to go ahead and get the syllabus days out of the way, but I didn’t like it because the other schools are starting this week.”

The unconventional start to the semester may raise mixed emotions, but the cold snap is causing a near unanimous negative reaction. An ice storm warning has been in effect and freezing temperatures loom this morning. For students accustomed to 100 degree summer days, the freezing temperatures are a source of tension.

Justin Dittmar, a public relations senior, plans to stay bundled up during the winter storm.

“I don’t like to do anything in the cold weather, so I plan on staying inside,” he said. “The weather won’t affect me, but it will affect my electric bill because I’ll be running the heat all the time.”

Orlando Aguirre, a sophomore majoring in business, says that the cold weather will affect his workout routine, but not much else.

“I’ve heard rumors about canceling school and that’s nonsense,” he said. A little cold weather won’t hurt anyone.”

Ryan Glick echoed this sentiment. “I’m from Georgia and we had many bad winters growing up there,” he said. “It’s no big deal to me.”

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