Students seek alternate route for books

It is the beginning of a new semester and that means Sam Houston State University students are bearing the cold to get their new textbooks for class. According to the Sam Houston Cashiers Office Estimated Cost of Attendance, “students who are enrolled in 12 hours can expect to pay between $350 and $500” for textbooks each semester.

Some Bearkats may think that this is too much money to spend on books, but junior Cooper Corley says he thinks “they were a lot more expensive when [he] was a freshman.”

Some students may feel like book prices keep fluctuating, but a report published in 2006 by The National Association of College Stores states that the average gross margin on new textbooks has remained relatively constant since 1989.

Many students agree that the bookstores in Huntsville are all generally in the same price range, but if they are looking for a cheaper way to get the books they need, the Internet is the place to go.

Freshman Berch Sylvester has found that textbooks are cheaper online and he plans on ordering this semester’s books off the Internet.

Corley agrees that textbooks are cheaper online, but he says “the only problem is that it takes too long for them to get here.”

If students need their books quick and cheap, Corley recommends getting to the bookstores early enough to get the used books because they will save a lot of money, but keep in mind, “they are first come, first serve.”

Micah Glenn, a senior, said that he has been able to find used books fairly easily, but that it really just depends on the class.

If students have the time, junior Jonathan Charbonnet suggests that checking everywhere will save them the most money.

“I check the Internet, then check the bookstores and then I get the one that’s cheaper.”

Whether students plan on saving money by ordering their books off the Internet, or by browsing the local bookstores for used books, students need to get out and buy their textbooks. The one thing that most students have in common is that the homework will start stacking up.

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