Bleeding orange or seeing through rose-colored glasses?

They watch from the end zone, fists raise in triumph. Many have their faces painted and other’s chests go bare. Their beloved Bearkats have scored another touchdown, bringing them closer to victory.

“The Couch Potatoes,” as many know them, are among the most dedicated of Bearkat Football fans. They stand near the Bearkat end zone, protected only by thin plastic fencing. The rush of adrenaline from seeing the action close-up keeps them coming to every home game.

Some dedicated fans even haul their own couch out onto the field to show their pride. The cushions of the couch are spray painted in altering panels of blue and orange and “graffitied” with phrases like “Eat ’em up Kats”.

“We go dumpster diving every year to find a couch to spray paint,” said senior Couch Potato Erin Wood.

Recently, the Sam Housto State University athletic administration has expressed a concern about the lack of school spirit displayed on campus and even called a meeting to discuss ways to reverse this trend. It is true our fan base is not as bulky as that of The University of Texas or Texas A&M. Our fans may be less visible on campus, but does that mean we are any less dedicated?

Before every SHSU football game, the stadium parking lot is packed with fans that tailgate and cars are lined all the way down the street. They arrive two hours prior to the game to get in the right spirit to watch Bearkat football.

Perhaps a more active promotion of all sports competitions would encourage more fan participation, such as the signs already posted along the roads prior to volleyball and basketball games. Place flyers around campus to signal an upcoming game or post team schedules throughout campus. If details are made extra visible, perhaps more Bearkats will support their teams.

But to anyone who questions Bearkat pride, I say look toward the end zone.

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