Einstein Bros Bagels making early impact at SHSU

In 2007 Sam Houston State University is living by the saying, “Out with the old and in with the new.”

With the destruction of the Wilson-Frels buildings and the new beginning of a park, greenery is not the only new thing students will be seeing on campus, that is, unless you like it on your sandwich.

Last semester many students filled out surveys saying they would like to have healthier restaurants in the LSC. To fulfill the demands of health-conscious students, Sam Houston listened to its students and gave the students two new healthier restaurants.

Located on the second floor of the LSC, Einstein Bros, (old home of Java City) opened on Jan. 10. With a motto saying, “Hot fresh bagels everyday,” Einstein Bros restaurant where students can sit back, relax, use the provided computers and enjoy healthy foods.

“This is my third time here and I really like it,” said junior history major, Covey Barbee. “I really liked Java City, but this is really nice as well.”

When Java City closed its doors during the first week of December 2006, some students wondered why. Dan McDaniel, Director of the Lowman Student Center said that Java City just did not make the cut.

“While many students enjoyed Java City, it wasn’t bringing in the patrons that were needed,” McDaniel said. “We were also looking for food venues that offered healthier concepts.”

While freshman computer science major, Majied Almosa was trying out Einstein’s for the first time; he feels that this could be a new place for him to hang out at.

“I like it here because it has food, coffee, the Internet and it’s quiet,” Almosa said. “It is very fresh and I enjoy it.”

Do not let Einstein Bros fool you; it’s not just plain bagels anymore! Offering more than seven different types of spreads (or ‘shmears’ as they call it) such as: hummace, strawberry, blueberry, salmon, cream cheese (and reduced fat, of course) as well as a honey almond flavor. With all these choices, Einstein Bros is a unique restaurant that can fulfill your hunger.

“Our most popular item is the Cheddar Cheese Omelet,” said Barbara Anderson, Einstein Worker. “It comes with a choice of turkey sausage, bacon or ham, on a bagel, for $3.99. You can also upgrade to the Managers Special and get a sandwich and a large orange juice for $5.09.”

Not only can students go in and get a great meal, but they can also pick up a few items at the convenient store located inside the restaurant. Previously located on the first floor, the convenient store moved to make room for Quiznos, another heath-conscious restaurant.

“I like that they have the convenient store in here,” Barbee said. “I liked the old layout where I could sit in the back, but the convenient store is now there and I can pick a few personal items after I eat.”

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