Last Great Assault goes ‘Warped’

In December of 2005 Jordan Volz and Travis Weaver found themselves in a predicament. Their bassist had quit the band and they were in need of a good musician.

Little did they know while they were searching, bassist Jake Whitco was meeting Weaver’s girlfriend. After calling and setting up a meeting, Whitco was added to the line-up of The Last Great Assault. In September, guitarist Mikey Roloff became the fourth member.

In a little under a year, the band has performed in Huntsville and other popular venues around Houston, building up their name to pursue their dreams. And in that time, they have accomplished more than most bands ever get a taste of.

LGA sent off one of their media kits to Kevin Lymann who works with Van’s Warped Tour. Lymann enjoyed their music so much that he added LGA to the Warped Tour Texas tour dates.

“We are watching our dreams come true,” said Whitco. “We just hope that things continue to happen.”

In addition Warped Tour, LGA pushed through barriers to contact Tomas Costanza. Costanza has written songs for Kelly Clarkson and wrote and payed in the band, Diffuser. In the summer of 2007, LGA will be traveling to Los Angeles to work with Costanza.

LGA is always on the move. Volz, Roloff and Whitco go to school while Weaver works. Aside from that, their time is occupied with practice.

“It’s pretty much our lives,” said Whitco. “We live for this.”

LGA is in a contest to play on the Houston stop of the Taste of Chaos tour with prominent acts like The Used, 30 Seconds to Mars, Sensesfail and Saosin.

LGA fans should go to to vote for the band.

For more information on LGA and to hear some of their music, you can find them at

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