Tragic car crash takes life of SHSU student

On Sunday night around 8:30 p.m., sophomore Allyson Hewitt was involved in a car accident at exit ramp 112, according to Sergeant Curt Landrum of the Huntsville Police Department. The accident happened across the street from the Goree Unit.

After the accident, she was transferred by life-light to Memorial Hermann hospital, where attempts were made through the night to stabilize her condition. She was pronounced dead the following day.

According the Hewitt’s uncle, Victor Rodriguez, there was “plenty to tell” about who Hewitt was.

“She was just a very vibrant person. She loved life, and brightened the lives of everyone who knew her,” he said. “Everyone is just so mad and upset that it happened. Anyone that ever met her was her friend.”

According to friends at the university, including freshman John Jackson, who grew up with Hewitt in Magnolia, she was a “very nice girl” and very intelligent.

“I’d known her since fourth grade,” Jackson said. “She was a really great person, and really nice. She had her whole life ahead of her.”

Freshman Ryan Hess had spent more time with Hewitt this semester than previously, though he had known her “vaguely since high school.”

“She was incredibly sweet. She laughed at our jokes, she was really witty, and you couldn’t get one up on her,” he said. “It kind of feels like a friendless world lost itself a friend.”

Hewitt graduated from Magnolia High School in 2005. She had recently gone through different ideas of what to major in, but was registered as a marketing major. However, her friends are confident that she would have done well in her life regardless.

“She was incredibly bright,” Hess said. “She was just one of the nicest people I ever knew.”

On her profile, Hewitt listed her interests as simply “having fun.” She is pictured on the Web site with several friends, constantly smiling. According to Hess, when she spent time with friends, she spent it “watching television, playing guitar hero and having potluck dinners.”

Hewitt is survived by her parents, William and Melanie Hewitt, the rest of her family and numerous friends. Plans are still being finalized for her memorial service, which will take place Friday morning and kept small.

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