Vans offers alternative footwear

You can’t go much of anywhere these days without spotting someone “rockin” a fresh pair of slip-on Vans. Vans have been trendsetting since 1966 where it found its beginnings as a rubber company. Vans stemmed from the original owner’s name, Paul Van Doren. Van Doren and his partners began selling through the storefront of the Van Doren Rubber Company. Since then the corporation has made into the major leagues of fashion.

For many college students, striving to maintain an impressive wardrobe without emptying your pockets is a must. Luckily, Vans is a rare ode to style that is economically on point and allots for customers to scoop some fresh off the shelf for a mere $37 to $50. More of the mainstream goers sport Air Force 1’s and J’s, but Vans wearers should just think of sporting Vans as a wallet-friendly deviation for their expressive palette.

Vans are more than a shoe and have the ability to make a statement about the wearer’s personality. Vans can be worn with virtually any outfit, unit or jump-off, as some may say. They can be worn with a favorite hoodie and some cargos, a classic pair of worn jeans and a trendy tee or even a sports coat coupled with a vintage shirt for a timeless appeal.

In the world of fashion pushing the envelope makes innovations. Yet, in the “Rule Book of Vans,” there is only one limitation, “please no socks!” Casual slip-ons are designed to be worn just as it implies; hence the fact that they are casually slipped on. For customers who have intentions of rebelling, it would be best that you wear pants and keep that your little secret.

The brand promotes itself around what they call “the four pillars of Vans culture”: action sports, music, street culture and art. Through the expansion of their marketing basis, there is sure to be a niche for any consumer.

Wearing Vans is not simply a fashion craze; it is a way of life. Sam Houston State University student Shayla Bessard is an avid Van wearer whose wardrobe consists of a wide variety of pairs in which she keeps in heavy rotation. Not to mention, she just recently took advantage of what the corporation has to offer by customizing a pair just a few nights ago.

“You just don’t find everyday African Americans “reppin” Vans. For me it’s more then just a shoe,” said Bessard.

“With my style, I want to make a statement. I may even rock them with a skirt and a pair of leggings. You just never know what to expect.”

There is a realm in the world of Vans for every individual. If you are a minimalist, the traditional black and white checkered pair may be your cup of tea. For people that dare to be different, Vans makes it possible for customers to design their own shoe on the official Web site. To create a specialized shoe, simply log on, select a blank canvas in your preferred color and size. Next, choose the colors or patterns for the lining and sole. Once your selection is finalized, proceed to check out.

Vans has been stepping up to the plate lately with engaging collaborations of artists, skaters and not to mention, distinctive designers. Past endeavors include teaming up with Warped Tour alumni Dropkick Murphys and The Circle Jerks on the latest editions to the Vans Band Shoe Series.

Their most recent project with Marc Jacobs. World renowned American fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who is currently the artistic director for Louis Vuitton, is also known for his own clothing lines Marc Jacobs, and the less expensive diffusion line, Marc By Marc Jacobs which he founded in 2000.

In the near future this fresh new twist on an old classic will hit the stores, but be on the lookout because retailers overseas will have first dibs.

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