Arcade’ is loved, Hannah kills

The universal nature of music was proven once again at the Meridian in Houston on this past Sunday when I had the pleasure of meeting two up and coming bands. On one side Love Arcacde brought the rock revelation. On the other side Kill Hannah proved that life isn’t all “Candy.”

Love Arcade

Love Arcade began after their lead singer was dubbed Snow White for excess sleep and expected drug use in high school. But it was only after Snow White conjured in his basement that the band was even formed.

When he started, he didn’t even intend on making an album but once gears started rolling, Snow White had to recruit a band of faithful musicians that could understand his vision.

“It’s about finding people that can take direction; people who can play music,” said Snow White. ” People who believe.”

Once Snow White had recruited his band, (which includes a former fan named Thomas on guitar) they needed a name. It wasn’t until after a 56-year-old hippie-aunt made them a two -page list of names that they became Love Arcade.

Arcade’s self-entitled debut album is an in depth look into the mind of Snow White. The “Brainchild” created an album that melds his unique array of influences which include artists like Phil Collins, Madonna, Prince and Marylin Manson.

Arcade insists that what makes them different from other bands is the vast difference between the album and their life show.

The live show was incredible. Before Snow White took the stage, rapper Nas’ classic single “Hate Me Now” was playing. As soon as Snow White took the stage, the band transitioned into the first song.

I was completely blown away. I recognized the songs but they were re-invited right in front of my eyes.

Not only did the songs have the amazing sound, but the crowd interaction was electric. Snow White carried a charge on stage that you would never know by just talking to him.

The rest of the band followed suit the entire time. Whether it was synchronized movements, guitar swings or back up vocals, the band did Snow White’s songs justice.

The Detroit based band came to Houston and rocked the Meridian to rubble. After their set, a girl went up to Snow White and asked him for a his sweat ridden towel. She ran off yelling to her friends, “I got it! I got it!”

In addition to an upcoming West Coast tour, Snow White wants to be able to keep coming out with records that people will appreciate.

“I want to grow up with the fans.” said Snow White. “Do what you want in life. It’s too short to not do what you want.”

Kill Hannah

A long time ago, a girl named Hannah broke Matt Devine’s heart. Heartbreak is a very difficult thing to deal with and people have different ways of coping with the pain. What did Devine do to overcome his anguish?

This lead singer ‘Killed’ Hannah. Not with guns or a knife but with music. Kill Hannah combines the influences of The Cure and the Smashing Pumpkins to bring music that deals with the emotions that come in life. And on their album, “Until There’s Nothing Left of Us” contains a lot of songs stem from this angle.

What separates ‘Hannah’ from other bands that deal with this subject matter, is their ability to discover melody. ‘Hannah’ conveys the message not only through hard driven rock but speaks to the heart with melodic runs and tones.

The band has been together for 10 years and the last time they played in Houston, they played to a crowd of only 15 or people.

“It makes all the hard work worth it,” said Devine. “We’re 1,000 miles from home and it’s good to see kids lined up to see us on a Sunday afternoon.”

For heartbreak, Devine prescribes travel, sunshine, wine, great friends and forming a band. However, if you’re going to be serious, make sure you schedule is free for the next six years.

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