Rec Sports program lending hand to students

As the Recreational Sports program is always seeking to achieve the highest levels of fitness for students and faculty, a new program lasting until Mar. 7 began yesterday in the HKC.

With many fitness options available such as group classes, personal trainers and a nutrition counselor, students can be healthy by spring break.

One of the new programs offered this semester is called Wellness WORKS. This program promoted by the Recreational Sports Center and SHSU’s first lady, Nancy Gartner, puts its focus on the faculty and staff of SHSU.

“We wanted our faculty and staff to have fitness options,” said Mindy Oden. “Studies have shown that those who work out regularly have improved job performance, increased work satisfaction and reduces healthcare/insurance costs.”

Oden says if the faculty’s supervisor approves it, the faculty can get paid an extra 30 minutes everyday to work out.

“If they usually have an hour for lunch, this program will give them an hour and a half,” Oden said. “They have to come into the HKC and sign in on our sheet and they will be documented for that day.”

In addition to working out, both students and faculty can also reap benefits that the Recreational Center has to offer for the next six weeks in the form of a massage. The cost is $20 for 20 minutes and $10 for five minutes. Reservations can be made by calling 294-1985.

“These massage sessions are available in the HKC until Mar. 7,” Oden said. “This is a program geared towards relieving and reducing stress.”

Along with the other programs to be offered this semester, the recreation program will also offer a series of weekly programs that will enable students and faculty alike to learn how to better take care of their body.

“The topics include “How to Achieve Overall Wellness,” “Stress Relief,” “Dieting Myths,” “Eating Healthy on the Run, Heart Health and Aerobic Exercise” and “The Importance of Having Core Strength,” Oden said. “The seminars will be held every Wednesday from noon to 12:50 p.m.”

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