Krimson Kourts, Inc. to host celebratory ‘Founder’s Week’

The klassy, (intentionally spelled with a “K”), ladies of Krimson Kourts, Inc. (KKINSO) will be hosting a week of events in celebration of their 25th year on the Sam Houston campus. The organization, which revolves around several community service events, will spend the week both informing interested members about the details of the group and giving back to the community.

Krimson Kourts Inc. was originally founded in 1947, working closely as brothers of the Kappa Alpha Phi fraternity. The sorority started a chapter at this university in 1982, and has since built itself up into a “strong organization with strong morals and standards.”

“We’re a community service organization, so we host several events (during the year),” senior Tasha McMurry said. “We usually have a pageant for high school and middle school girls called ‘Krimson and Kream,’ where we award a $250 scholarship to a middle school student and a $500 scholarship to a high school student.”

The sorority is also involved with the SAAFE House and local establishments including Blue Bonnet day care, for which the ladies put on Halloween and Christmas parties.

The “Krimson Kartel: Founder’s Week” was put together in order to provide information and make more of the student body award of what the sorority is all about.

The week will start off on Sunday, when the organization will attend Greater Zion Baptist Church as a group.

“On Monday, we’re going to have a Black history table, and that will be in the mall area from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. The table will feature Black history information and pamphlets,” McMurry said. “On Tuesday, we’re hosting “Keeping It Real,” an open forum where we will talk about different subjects including college life, relationships, politics, and whatever else anyone wants to talk about. That will be in room 319 in the LSC at 6:47 p.m., because 1947 was the year we were founded.”

On Wednesday, the group will be giving out cake and punch as a celebration of the group’s 25th anniversary, also from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. in the mall area, and anyone is welcome to stop by.

Thursday will be one of the most important days of the weeklong event, because in addition to having a table out with information about different fraternities and sororities, the group will also be hosting an interest meeting.

“Anyone who wants to know more about Krimson Kourts, Inc. can go, and that will again be at 6:47 p.m. in room 319 in the LSC,” McMurry said. “That meeting will be very important, and we will answer any questions anyone has about the organization.”

On Friday, the group will take part in community service activities, making Valentine’s goodie bags to take to different places including Blue Bonnet, and anyone can take part in that event. Saturday will close the week with member-only events to celebrate the anniversary.

For more information about the organization, anyone interested can visit the group’s Web site,

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