Super Sunday hits SHSU

The Program Council is hosting a Super Bowl party in the parking lot of Bearkat Stadium this Sunday. It is expected to be the biggest event in the organization’s history.

Scott Brugger of the Program Council said, “The party will begin at 4:30 p.m. and the game will start around 5:25 p.m.”

The game will be shown on an air-inflatable, 26′ by 13′ screen with a high definition projection according to Laurie Orlando, vice president of public relations for the Program Council.

Orlando said, “With the game being shown in the parking lot, the community is allowed to tailgate and those without vehicles are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or other seating.”

People attending the game are welcome to barbecue, but snacks and refreshments will also be available. Aramark, the company that runs the campus’ food service, will offer hot fries, chips and other snack foods. Mr. Gatti’s will provide pizza and root beer will be supplied courtesy of the Alcohol Abuse Initiative.

The Super Bowl party will run until the game has ended. Orlando said, “We didn’t want to have a set end time in case the game runs long or goes into overtime. Hopefully, the Super Bowl will end around 11:00 p.m.”

This year’s Super Bowl party is an ambitious undertaking for the Program Council. The organization hosted a smaller party last year in the Kat Club at the LSC.

Orlando said, “This is the first time we’ve used a big screen for an event. We expect this to be the biggest event in Program Council history.”

The Super Bowl party was coordinated by the Program Council’s Jeremy Carroll, who is also in charge of the event. For more information, contact the Program Council at (936) 294-1763.

This year’s Super Bowl matches the Indianapolis Colts against the Chicago Bears. One of the main subplots entering the game is the fact that this will be the first Super Bowl in which there is an African-American coaching. The ironic thing is that both coaches are led by African-American’s. Tony Dungy will coach the Colts and Lovie Smith will pace the sidelines for the Bears.

Perhaps the NFL’s most marketable player, Peyton Manning, will also be making his first Super Bowl appearence. The nine-year veteran finally cleared the AFC Championship hurdle by defeating the New England Patriots two weeks ago. Many have criticized Manning throughout his career for not being capable of winning the big one. Now he finally has his shot at glory.

The Bears have perhaps the best defense in the NFL and they have rode that all the way to Miami. Brian Urlacher has proven to be the cornerstone of a scrambling defense that puts pressure on the quarterback and also makes big plays in the secondary.

However, Rex Grossman, who has been scrutinized all season long, is statistically one of the worst quarterbacks ever to play in the Super Bowl. All season long he got away with mediocre play because of his team’s great defense. On Sunday though there will be no room for error.

Most people will watch Sunday for the game, but there is also the great commercials and musical performances. Finally, the wait is almost over

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