In the Navy…err Army

Uncle Sam wants YOU, and apparently, he’s willing to give you a really cool watch if you enlist.

Am I the only one disturbed by these Army recruitment commercials? I see one at least once a week. Usually, they have a young-looking person sitting at a table, talking about the benefits of joining the military. Then the commercial asks parents to be just as informed as their children by going to the official Army website. Cue the yellow and black logo and you got yourself a typical Army recruitment ad.

At the end, however, the Army makes an appeal that I find especially amusing. Instead of just ending the commercial right there, someone exclaims “Join now and get a free watch!” What? Are you serious?

This is the United States Army and the recruiters are giving away free watches and beanie hats to those that enlist? Something tells me this is an unfair trade-off.

For those of you that don’t see anything wrong with this, I’ll make it easy for you. First of all, determining whether you want to join the military should be an important decision, not one that is made in haste, or even based on the fact you get a free beanie. I can’t imagine why they would put this in their recruitment commercial. Does the Army think they will convince those last few people on the fence about signing his or her life away to enlist with a FREE WATCH!?

Secondly, is receiving free accessories the best part of enlisting? You would think that the Army would want to include the most appealing benefits in their commercial. For me, hearing that my college education would be paid for is more appealing than a simple watch, so why didn’t they include this information instead?

Don’t get me wrong, the United States military is an amazing establishment, but their recruitment methods baffle me. The Army should promote ideas of freedom and national pride in their commercials, not “free stuff.”

The next time I see one of those commercials, I’m calling the Army’s public relations department. This is just ridiculous. I may call the Army’s recruitment office as well, I hear they are looking for a few good men and women…to give watches to.

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