Love stinks

The Viewpoints Editor told me to write a column about love. She should have known that wasn’t the best plan.

It’s hard for me to know where to start. Even my recent experiences, like within the last couple of weeks, have given me enough material to nag about the whole dating thing for pages.

First and foremost, I’ve learned that boys are wimps, and should consider themselves lucky I can’t write meaner pronouns in a student newspaper. When they decide that they don’t like a girl anymore, they rarely sit the girl down like an adult and tell her why. Oh, no.

They either stop calling completely, hoping she’ll eventually get the point, or give her some load of crap like, (and I’ve actually heard this), “I really did some soul-searching and decided I can’t be in a relationship right now.” These are both examples of what they like to call “letting the girl down easy.”

I watched one of my guy friends do it to a girl he was dating, and laughably enough, the same thing happened to me at the exact same time. As much as I can’t condone it, I suppose that method of dealing with a person you don’t want to have to call anymore isn’t as bad as other things guys do.

For example, trying to date another girl while still involved with a previous relationship. And I don’t mean still trying to get your hat back. I mean still living with the girl after doing so for years. Anyone that’s ever heard the phrase, “Things just aren’t working with my girlfriend right now, and…,” knows that nothing good can follow it.

It’s stunts like these that make it so difficult to even find a relationship that’s worth all the effort in the first place. I’m sure there are guys out there that don’t do these things to people, and I’m equally certain girls give guys just as many headaches. But the whole process is so exasperating that sometimes its hard to keep looking.

I almost forgot this column was supposed to be about love. I’m sure it’s great. I’m sure that the lucky couples that actually get together, stay faithful, and remain loyal to each other through good times and bad will have a great Valentine’s Day next week. I don’t want to settle down until I find someone that kind of situation appeals to.

This year, I don’t see that happening. Therefore, I will be completely content with my entire bottle of Tequila Rose. The way I feel about guys right now: if you can’t beat them, get so drunk it doesn’t matter.

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