Stars supernova at Grammys

Last years Grammy Awards was a low point in the Grammy history. Although 17 million viewers sounds like a lot, it was the lowest count for the show.

This year’s Grammys increased by 15 percent, up to around 20 million. This increase is due to the fact that he show was moved back to Sunday and the star power that it packed.

The biggest winners of the night were the Dixie Chicks, who were once surrounded by controversy for their anti-war stance.

They won every award they were nominated for including Album of the Year. The “Chicks” received standing ovations as opposed to jeers.

Other big winners include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who took home four awards and Mary J. Blidge who took home two. Ludacris, T.I., Carrie Underwood and Justin Timberlake all received two awards.

Underwood is an American Idol winner and took home the Best New Artist award. She adds to the now growing list of ‘Idol’ winners that are now Grammy award winning artists.

This years Grammys was like a tribute to the veteran artists. Artists like the “Chicks,” “Peppers” and Blidge have been making music for years. Blidge said it was a high moment in her career thus far.

The performances also had a veteran feel to them despite the efforts of Justin Timberlake and a few others. The show opened with a reunion of the Police, and included performances from such greats as Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and Tony Bennett.

A twist to this years show was the addition of the “My Grammy Moment” competition in which three young women battled to perform with Justin Timberlake.

Houston resident, 19-year-old Robyn Troup won the spotlight due to the mass text messages and Internet votes for her name.

Another part of the Grammys also has to do with the red carpet. The stars come out in gowns and suits to be become paparazzi spectacles of glamour.

Though none of the outfits were as classic as J. Lo’s dress, they still showed the style and savvy that we expect from celebrities.

Many of the artists wore outfits that reflected their personality. Singing group , The Pussycat Dolls wore very sexy dresses or skirts. While the “Peppers all wore different suits that displayed the unique nature that the band has always conveyed.

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