Dreaming to $ucceed

The future begins tomorrow in the LSC Ballroom as 54 of America’s top companies will offer employment and internship opportunities at the Spring 2007 Business Career Fair.

The business career fair is open to all students and will run from 1 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. This annual event is sponsored by the College of Business Administration and will be hosted by its Dean, Dr. Randal Lewis.

A diverse group of companies, including energy giant Chevron and communications leader Verizon Wireless, will be on hand to speak with students and alumni. Many companies that participated last year are returning to the SHSU campus, including: Luby’s, the U.S. Navy, Walgreens and Target.

“The companies like coming here,” Margaret Quarles said. “They’ve told us that the students at SHSU are just as prepared as the students from A&M, Baylor and the other big name schools.”

Quarles, senior assistant to the Dean of the College of Business Administration and the career fair’s event coordinator, said the returning companies recruit from SHSU because the students they have hired in the past have done so well.

“One of the reasons they come here is the character and the integrity of SHSU students,” she said. “What the recruiters have said is that students from Sam are hard working and are appreciative of the opportunities afforded to them.”

All students, regardless of major, are encouraged to attend the fair. Quarles said that many companies are looking to train new hires within their organizations. A complete list of companies attending the career fair is available through the College of Business Administration’s Web site.

Though many of the companies will be looking at Spring 2007 graduates, opportunities are available to all students.

The career fair is recommended for students of all academic years, not just seniors. A handout, available tomorrow when students arrive, lists the skill sets and majors that each company desires.

Quarles said, “This is a great opportunity for students to beginning networking and to see what opportunities are available, even if they’re not graduating soon.”

An interview area will be located on the stage of the ballroom for companies who want to talk immediately with students or have them fill out an application. Quarles said, “Some will hire on the spot, but that’s up to the individual companies.”

Business attire is encouraged, but not required. Quarles mentioned that it’s okay to still look like a student, but graduating seniors should look professional.

The Career Services office recommends that students bring multiple copies of their resume for prospective employers. Career Services also recommends that students smile, have a firm handshake and maintain eye contact when speaking with a recruiter. Quarles echoed the need for these good social skills.

Quarles said, “The recruiters are here to talk with the students, so the students need to bring their confidence with them.”

While students are encouraged to bring a prepared resume if they have one, it’s not a requirement to attend the career fair. Quarles suggests that all students walk through the fair to survey the employment landscape and meet potential employers.

The career fair has aided many students seeking jobs at SHSU since 1999. The department has never raised the registration fee and has even turned a small profit.

“This is not a mere job fair. This is launching students into their lifetime work,” Quarles said. “The goal is to have 100 percent of our enrollment attend.”

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